Vol 31, No 98 (2007)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Louise Cooke, Miggie Pickton 1-2

Research Articles

Library Suggestions and Typologies of Information Needs PDF
Andrew Kenneth Shenton, Andrew Johnson, 3-15
The CLA HE Trial Scanning Licence - how we're using it. PDF
Jenny Delasalle 16-28

Refereed Research Articles

Website accessibility statements: a comparative investigation of local government and high street sectors PDF
Catherine Mary Parkinson 29-44
An evaluation of the information content of local authority websites in the UK using citizen-based scenarios PDF
Wendy Olphert, Leela Damodaran 45-60

Book Reviews

CRAWFORD, John. The culture of evaluation in library and information services. Oxford: Chandos Publishing. 2006. PDF
Hannah Jones 61
MARTIN, Allan and MADIGAN, Dan (eds.) Digital Literacies for Learning. London: Facet Publishing. 2006. PDF
Eric Jukes 62-65
WILLIAMS, Caroline. Managing Archives: foundations, principles and practice. Oxford: Chandos Publishing. 2006. PDF
Christine Macleod 66-67
TODARO, Julie and SMITH, Mark L. Training library staff and volunteers to provide extraordinary customer service. London: Facet Publishing. 2006. PDF
Cathal McCauley 68-69

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