Vol 36, No 113 (2012)

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Editorial PDF
Angharad Roberts 1-3

Invited Contributions

A personal reflection on researching and writing my dissertation: "The effect of homelessness on information access, identity formation and social interaction". PDF
Thomas Muggleton 4-14
Imagination in LIS Research PDF
Paul Sturges 15-23

Research Articles

The right resources to support LIS research: findings from the RiLIES2 project poll PDF
Peter Cruickshank, Hazel Hall, Christine Margaret Irving 24-31
Prioritising research and dissemination: a Delphi study of NHS Highland midwives PDF Supplementary file
Kathleen Yvonne Irvine, Wendy Jessiman, Alison Felce 32-47
Generating research income: library involvement in academic research PDF
Joanne Marsh, Gillian Evans 48-61

Refereed Research Articles

Research support in a research assessment environment: The experience of ‘new’ universities PDF Supplementary File
Gaby Haddow 62-80
Using quantitative and qualitative unit profiling for identifying the contribution of library resources to teaching quality PDF
Stuart Palmer 81-98
The "principles" paper: some thoughts on an unusual hybrid PDF
Andrew Kenneth Shenton 99-113
"Permeating all community activities"?; comparing events and programming in Westminster and Tower Hamlets public libraries PDF Supplementary file
Meredith Ship, Lyn Robinson 114-126

Book Reviews

GARVIN, Peggy (ed.) Government information management in the 21st Century: International perspectives. 2011. PDF
Louise Cooke 127-128
RUTHVEN, I. and KELLY, D. (eds.) Interactive information seeking, behaviour and retrieval. 2011. PDF
Sally Reeve 129-130
BLANCHETT, Helen, POWIS, Chris and WEBB, Jo. A guide to teaching information literacy: 101 practical tips. 2012. PDF
Justine Tracey Sissons 131
BRETTLE, Alison and URQUHART, Christine (eds.) Changing roles and contexts for health library and information professionals. 2012. PDF
Mathew Stone 132-133

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